Living Hope Evangelical Church

The Living Hope Evangelical Church is an independent rural church situated in northern Alberta, close to the town of La Crete. It is mainly a farming community and made up largely of Mennonites who moved to Canada from Russia in the late 1800's. The church was started on October 6, 2008, when pastor Phil Schlamp and pastor Ernest Boehlig, along with a number of members from another church left to begin the Living Hope Evangelical Church. It is the desire of the pastors of the Living Hope Evangelical Church to make their messages available through the internet to anyone anywhere in the world who desires them. We are especially pleased that there are those who live in countries where the Gospel may not be freely preached and those who are suffering persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ who are able to listen to, or download their messages through the ministry of Sermon Audio. We are committed to the 'great commission' given to the Church to evangelize the lost. We believe that to accomplish that task the believer needs to be edified for personal, spiritual growth;

and to be equipped for ministry through the preaching and teaching of the inspired, inerrant Word of God. We are deeply grateful to God Almighty, who has graced us with those gifted to work with sound technology and computers and who have had the vision to further the ministry of the Living Hope Evangelical Church by making many sermons available through the internet. We are also glad for a body of believers who share this vision to reach out and who gladly pay for the expenses to do so. We are also grateful to Sermon Audio for making it possible for us to minister to so many in the world in such an affordable way. May God Almighty be pleased to edify many Christians through this combined effort to spread His incredible Word and may He be glorified through the lives of believers who are being conformed to the image of His precious Son, Jesus Christ our Lord!